How to Crochet a Foundation Chain (chain stitch)

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Chaining is the

Foundation of Crochet


How to Crochet the Foundation Chain (chain stitch)


My first attempt at crochet was a failure.  I tried over and over to figure out what I was doing wrong, but it was hopeless.   The pot holder I was working on only got smaller and smaller. Eventually I gave up.  Ten years later, I finally figured out where I went wrong.  It was chaining.  I failed at chaining.

Chaining is a simple skill, but an extremely important one in crochet.  For some reason, I just couldn’t get a grip on the concept when I first picked up a hook all those years ago.  If you are a crochet beginner, I’d like to save you my frustration.

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How to Hold the Yarn When Crocheting

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4 Popular Ways to

Hold Your Crochet Yarn



Hi folks! Today I want to give you another useful tutorial when you are a crochet newbie and just preparing to crochet. In addition to learning how to hold a crochet hook in the most comfortable way for you, you also need to learn how to hold the yarn.

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Craft for a Cause: Twiddlemuffs for Sensory Disorders



to Comfort

Those in Need

Craft for a cause: twiddlemuffs by

Twiddle muff image courtesy of Sari Suvanto


Hi folks! This month’s craft for a cause feature is crochet and knit twiddlemuffs (also spelled twiddle muffs). Let me guess, you’re thinking, “what the heck are twiddlemuffs”? I know this because I can read your mind. Kidding. Kidding folks. Stop panicking. 😉

For real though, I know what you’re thinking because I thought it too. Twiddlemuffs, huh?  What exactly are these and how are they related to a charity cause?

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How to Hold a Crochet Hook

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2 Popular Ways

to Hold a Crochet Hook


So you’re learning to crochet.  That’s so awesome!  First things first.  You might be wondering how to hold the hook in order to make the crochet stitches.  When I first learned to crochet I simply picked up a hook, held it the most comfortable way for me, and stitched away.   I had no idea that there are actually two ways that people generally hold a crochet hook.

If you are struggling with crochet, it may be that you need to re-evaluate how you are holding your hook.  Let’s review the two methods and see which one works best for you!

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Product Review:  Fiskars Spring-Action Fabric Scissors

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Spring-Action Fabric Scissors

Are They Right For You?

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I had a stroke when I was twenty.  No, really.  It’s true.  I did.  It left me a little weak on the right side of my body.  As luck would have it, I am also right-handed.

This can make sewing, knitting, and crocheting a bit difficult.  If you’re a crafter who suffers from ailments like arthritis, fibromyalgia, or even Multiple Sclerosis then you understand exactly what I am talking about.
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How to Sew a Plush Baby Rattle


Hi folks!  So do you remember that tutorial I posted a few weeks ago, the one in which I showed you how to make a super simple lounge pillow?

Well, today’s tutorial was born out of that project.  The scraps of that project to be exact. No, it’s not another pillow.  Read the title folks!  ðŸ˜‰

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Craft for a Cause: Crochet for Cancer

“Caring for others one stitch at a time”

Image courtesy of Crochet for Cancer, Inc.


Hi and welcome to my second post in the Craft for a Cause Series! Today I want to highlight the organization Crochet for Cancer, Inc.

It was a long train of thought that led me to this cause. You see, over the past year cancer has touched several of my family members. As I was thinking about my loved ones who have fought or are currently fighting this horrible disease, it hit me… cancer will probably touch the lives of everyone in the world at some point. This is because anyone can get it. You, me, our acquaintances, our friends, our family. Cancer does not discriminate.

This made me think about all the people I have met who bear battle scars from fighting this despicable illness. It made me think of all the people I have met who have lost the battle.

The first one I can remember was only about 5 or 6 years old. I was only a year or two older. He was a little boy in my mom’s Sunday school class. I remember bringing flowers to his tombstone. It was the first time I can recall seeing my mother cry.

This was my first exposure to cancer and the tragic pain it can cause, but it would not be my last. Not by a long shot.

With all this on my mind, it’s no wonder I somehow found my way to Crochet for Cancer, Inc. when researching this month’s Craft for a Cause.

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