How to Make a Simple DIY Crinkle Taggie Toy

DIY Taggie Toy Tutorial.

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Seventeen months ago, I became a mommy.  For the first time!  Now, I had been a step-mom to four beautiful girls for some time, but I had yet to have a baby in my household, at least not full-time.  As of November 2015, that all changed.  My sweet little wild man was born… and not only did my life change, but my crafting changed.

I used to knit shawls, crochet scarves, and hem dresses.  Now I knit teddy bears, crochet baby blankets, and sew taggie toys. Nearly every craft I do or think about centers around my son.

Unfortunately, as a first-time mom, I didn’t know ahead of time what my son would want or need.   I also didn’t know many of the items could be made right in my craft room for less than buying them in a store.  So, I was late on almost everything.  I bought when could have made.  Or, my son didn’t have it at all.

Taggie toys are a big example.  I had never seen them.  I had never even heard of them.  So, my son didn’t get one until he was nearly 15 months old.

You see folks, I discovered taggie toys only a few months ago when nearly all the teeth in my son’s mouth decided to come in all at once.  He was in terrible pain.  Desperate to help him, I decided to look for an alternative to baby Tylenol and the frozen teethers he simply refused to use.

I consulted the great and powerful Google and was blessed with about a million pictures of various teething toys.  Some made of silicon, some in rings, some crocheted, etc…  But one picture really caught my attention.  It was a taggie toy with a wooden teething ring.  I immediately thought, “DJ would love that!’

As I continued to search I came across a package of 10 wooden teething rings on Amazon.  It may seem stupid to you, but that’s when it hit me.  I could make this stuff!  I mean, why not?  I had a ton of scrap material and ribbon.  All I needed were the rings.  I fixed that issue with a quick click on the Amazon ad.

A few days later, my son had his first taggie toy and he was happily chomping down on the wooden teether. 😁

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