Free Pattern: Crochet Seed Stitch Baby Blanket

Crochet Seed Stitch Baby Blanket. FREE Pattern.

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You know, it seems to me that sometimes specific genders tend to run in families.  In my family, it’s boys.  In fact, out of my six siblings, I only have one sister. And out of all our children, there are 13 in total, only two are girls.  So, when my sister announced that she would be having her third child, I was not surprised to learn that it would be a boy.

And this time, I was determined to send him a special handmade gift on time.  I was late with the last one.  I’m notorious for being tardy.  But not this time, no, this time his gift would arrive early.  It would be ready and waiting for his arrival.  Ready to wrap him in comfort and love from his auntie Rae.  My intentions were good, but little Walyon had no patience.  He couldn’t wait to discover all that this beautiful world had to offer.  He made his grand entrance over a month early!

Unfortunately, his lovely seed stitch blanket was only half done.  I finished it as quickly as I could, intending to send it off ASAP, but here it is… on my dresser… unshipped.  And he is now a month old.  Shame. On. Me.

The issue is that I needed to hold onto the baby afghan so that I could write this post.  I had to take pictures of it, do a video of it,  and write down the pattern. I have a terrible habit of writing the pattern after the project is finished–this is a no, no folks.  Don’t follow my lead on this one!  So, you see, my nephew’s warm and cozy zero year birthday present is late because I just had to share with you.  It’s really all your fault folks. 😉

All blaming aside, if you’re looking for a fabulous and super easy gift for that little newbie in your life, this gorgeous crochet seed stitch blanket is perfect!  And I am going to tell you exactly how to make it.

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Free Pattern: Easy Crochet Pumpkin Baby Beanie

A Free Easy Crochet Pumpkin Hat for Babies and Toddlers by Itchin' for some Stitchin'.


Omigsh…  Halloween completely snuck up on me!  I’ve actually been working on my son’s costume for over a month now.  It’s just that suddenly Halloween is right around the corner.  Thankfully, I finished the costume.  For his first All Hallows Eve my lil’ pumpkin is going to be a pumpkin!

I decided to crochet it because I thought it would be super cute and fairly easy to do.  Admittedly, this was my first time designing a costume, but it was a wonderfully successful undertaking, if I do say so myself!

Crochet Pumpkin Costume by Itchin' for some Stitchin'


The hat was the easiest part of the costume and uses mostly basic crochet skills so it’s good for beginners.  It’s also a great project for experienced crocheters who want to quickly whip up an adorable pumpkin beanie for the little one in their lives.

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Free Easy Crochet Ribbed Baby Beanie Pattern for Beginners

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Seahawks Inspired Crochet Ribbed Baby Beanie.


Hey there folks! Today I want to share with you my new pattern for a super simple basic ribbed baby beanie. I designed it to be easy for beginners and to use the new skills I introduced in my ebook, How to Crochet:  A Quick-Start Guide for Beginners.

Using my nine month old son as a model, I created beanie sizes from preemie to 1-year old.  Technically 1-year old sizes tend to fall  into the class of toddler patterns and not baby patterns, but I wanted to make a beanie that would fit my son this coming winter when he would be a year old.

I decided to make his hat in Seattle Seahawk colors because, well, we are huge Seahawk foot ball fans!  We even painted his nursery in these colors. 🙂  I chose navy blue and grey for the hat colors and then added a bright green pom-pom.  He loves it!  And, of course, he looks adorable in it!

So, break out your crochet hooks, this easy pattern will whip up in a jiffy and is great practice if you are a crochet newbie.   Let’s get started!

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Roundup: 6 Fabulous and Free Peapod Baby Cocoon Patterns

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Roundup of 6


Peapod Baby Cocoons


Have you ever seen those newborn photo props?  You know the ones I mean.  The ones in which babies look like flowers or footballs or turtles or even ladybugs.  They create absolutely the most adorable photos and your heart simply melts when you see them.

Well, I’ve never been into them.

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How to Sew a Fun & Easy Large Pillow

A Fast, Fun, & Easy Sewing Project for Kids

I remember walking into Walmart a few months ago with my step-daughters, Dakota & Kassidy, in tow.  I was under strict orders to only get what was on my list.  I was not… let me say that again… I was NOT to buy more fabric or yarn.  You see folks, I have loads of both and had come to an agreement with my fiancé, Danny, that I wouldn’t buy more material until I had used up some of what was already taking over my craft room and spilling out of the cabinets & drawers in our house.

So, of course, I headed straight for the ‘Craft and Sewing’ section of the store.  This was not because I intended to break my word, I promise, but simply out of necessity.   Truth be told, since I usually spend most of my time hunting for the perfect yarn for my next project, rummaging through the fabric remnants to collect pieces for a quilt, or simply wandering through the isles admiring all the craft eye-candy, I know the layout of my local Walmart in reference to this section.  I’m lost if I don’t start my shopping from this section.  Seriously.

Anyway,  I made it to ‘Craft and Sewing’ fully intending to simply ogle all the fabric goodies as I passed by on my way to the grocery section,  but… well folks, as the saying goes “there are no perfect men in this world, only perfect intentions”.  That’s right folks, I broke my word, my oath, my promise.  I bought fabric. 😃

Let me explain.  There was sale.  Need I say more?  Lol.   Honestly, I just couldn’t help it.  There were two carts filled with fabric on sale for a dollar a yard.  Yes, you read that right folks, it was only a dollar a yard!  Dakota and Kassidy were bubbling with excitement and I must admit I could barely contain myself.  The girls instantly started planning their new projects.  Now, you have to understand folks that these girls are polar opposites.  Kassidy is our crafty girl full of ideas, sunshine, & rainbows.  She is always cooking up some type of fun & colorful craft project.  Dakota, however, is our dark brooding artist.  She spends most of her time with pencils & a sketch pad in hand drawing flowers, patterns, & animals.  Yet, here they were, both giddy with joy over the same thing. Fabric.  How could I say no?  I couldn’t.  So I caved.  But, I allowed them only one yard each.  I figured spending only a couple bucks would soften the blow when their dad found out that I had broken my vow.

Once we were home and I had soothed Danny with the words ” but we only spent two dollars”, (I did this while batting my eyelashes and flashing my very best smile. He wasn’t pleased, but he forgave me. 😃) it was time to decide what to make with our new fabric.  But, what on earth could we do with just one yard of fabric?
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Fabric and Crochet Easter Bib Tutorial

How to Sew a Bib with a

Crochet Appliqué for Easter


Crochet & Fabric Easter Bib


Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I remember helping my mom boil eggs and make up different bowls of dye so my brother and I could color them.  We always argued over who created the prettiest eggs!   Then the night before the Easter bunny was due to arrive I would be so excited I could barely sleep.    What goodies would I get?  What would my Easter basket look like?  How many eggs would I find at the egg hunt?  Eventually I would drift off to sleep dreaming of chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.

Now as a new mommy I can’t wait to enjoy the holiday with my little one.  I am excited to color eggs with him, pick out his Easter basket, and fill it with special treats just for him.  Oh… and the egg hunts will be so much fun!

Unfortunately, that will all have to wait until next year because this Easter my little guy will only be four months old.  I mean honestly, he doesn’t even have teeth to rot out with candy yet! 😉

Instead, I decided to make his first Easter gift.  I chose to sew him a bib because well… he’s a baby and he drools a lot.  Lol.  I thought it would be a perfect chance to do my first fabric/crochet hybrid project or what I like to call a “creative combo”.   I settled on using fabric to make his bib and then adorning it with a crocheted baby chick or duck.  Here’s how I put it all together:

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8 Fun & Free St. Patrick’s Day Sewing Projects

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

This is a holiday that is near and dear to my heart,  because my fiancé is half Irish.  His last name, Irby, in fact means “settlement of the Irish”.  So in my household, this is a holiday that never goes without celebrating even if  it’s a year in which we don’t decorate, dress up, or throw a party.  So what do we do to celebrate in those “I’m too busy to get out the decorations or do anything special” years?  At the very least we wear green and make a traditional Irish dinner like Irish Guinness stew and soda bread, but, I have to admit, decorating  is so much more fun!

If you like to decorate, dress up, or throw theme parties then this roundup will definitely give you some great DIY ideas on to how to spread the luck of the Irish throughout your home this St. Patrick’s Day!  And guess what?  They are all FREE!  What could be luckier than that?

All images are the copyright of the Designers specified in the individual pattern links below, unless otherwise noted.  The following five patterns have been added to this roundup with the permission of the pattern designers.

Free & Fun St. Patrick's Day Sewing Projects compiled by

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My favorite baby gift pattern: Crochet Football Beanie

  • Football beanie crocheted for babies by Itchin' for some Stitchin'.
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My Favorite Pattern to Crochet for Babies

Crochet Football Beanie for Babies by

Hola Everyone!  Long time no write.  Of course I am referring to me and not to you!  It has been six months since my last post.  Holy Smokes!  Half a year has gone by and I haven’t written one single word.  Shame shame I know your name RaeLynn! 😳

Let me assure you folks, I did not give up on blogging nor did I intend to take a break.   Life just happened.  Literally.    I had to take some time off to give birth to my beautiful son DJ.  ❤️ ❤️❤️   He is absolutely the joy of my life!  😃😃😃

My world became a bit hectic for a while. Well, truth be told, it became a tornado of chaos… if you’ve ever had a newborn to care for then I know you feel me.  Now that things seem to have settled into a routine I’ll be back to stitching and posting again regularly.  So keep your eye out for some great patterns, tutorials, and DIYs coming your way! 🎉🎉😃🎉🎉

Heck, why wait?  Let’s start now!  This is the perfect time to reveal the second “sneak peak” I taunted you with in my last post oh so long ago.  Don’t remember?  Here’s a refresher.

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How to Crochet an Owl Appliqué: Free Pattern

A Free Pattern to Crochet, Chelsea,

an Owl Appliqué.

Hi everyone!  It’s time to unveil what’s behind the question mark in last week’s “Sneak Peak” #1.  I bet it’s been driving you crazy with curiosity,  hasn’t it? 😉    For those of you who may need a fresher.  Here’s the picture I showed you last week.

You’ll have to come back next week to see what’s behind question mark #2, but any guesses on what #1 could be?  Oh… silly me… I gave it away in the post title!  LOL.

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How to Crochet the Magic Ring Plus a Free Flower Pattern

The Magic of the Magic Ring and How to use it to Crochet a Simple Five Petal Flower


Hi everyone!  It’s back to the truly fun stuff… the fabric arts!  Enough blah blah blahing in “My Soapboax”… for now anyway.  I was just so excited to share with you all that I am learning about blogging AND the Grand Opening of my Etsy shop that I just had to shout it to the world for a while.  But, now it’s back to my fabric arts adventures.  And what an adventure it has been is!

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