Beginner Sewing: Woven versus Knit Fabrics

Woven vs. Knit Fabrics_ What's the Difference?


When you first decided to start sewing, I bet you thought it was going to be easy, didn’t you?  If not, you are smarter than I was.  I thought it would be a breeze.  I mean, how hard could it be?  You pick a pattern, grab some fabric & thread, put it through a machine and voilà you have made a beautiful summer dress!

Boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong! It’s not that simple.  At least not in the beginning.  You see, there are things you should learn before you can even begin to sew.

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Craft for a Cause: The Preemie Project

“It’s for the Babies!”

~The Preemie Project


The Preemie Project featured on


There is nothing more wonderful or amazing than a baby.    There is nothing more challenging than watching your baby struggle to survive.  And there is nothing more devastating that the loss of a little one.  I say these things with heartfelt sincerity.  Maybe I believe them because I just had my first little one 8 months ago, so now I have the love of a mother’s heart, but I’d like to think that everyone believes them.

Since the birth of my son I can’t stop thinking how lucky I am.  How lucky I am to have him.  How lucky I am that he was born perfectly healthy.  How lucky  I am that he was not premature and had to fight to stay in this world.  Indeed, I am lucky.  But not every baby story is as lucky as mine.

Some babies are born early.  Some babies do have to fight to live.  Some families spend weeks, even months, with fears, heartaches, and challenges that I will never know.  Thank goodness for organizations like The Preemie Project.

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Product Review:  Fiskars Spring-Action Fabric Scissors

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Spring-Action Fabric Scissors

Are They Right For You?

 I do not work for the Fiskars Corporation nor am I being compensated for this article.  I am simply a user of the Fiskars Easy Action Scissors and would like to give my honest opinion of the product.  However, this post does include affiliate links.  If you purchase an item through the links, I will receive a small compensation, which is necessary for the upkeep of this blog.  Please see my Disclosure Policy for details.


I had a stroke when I was twenty.  No, really.  It’s true.  I did.  It left me a little weak on the right side of my body.  As luck would have it, I am also right-handed.

This can make sewing, knitting, and crocheting a bit difficult.  If you’re a crafter who suffers from ailments like arthritis, fibromyalgia, or even Multiple Sclerosis then you understand exactly what I am talking about.
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How to Sew a Plush Baby Rattle


Hi folks!  So do you remember that tutorial I posted a few weeks ago, the one in which I showed you how to make a super simple lounge pillow?

Well, today’s tutorial was born out of that project.  The scraps of that project to be exact. No, it’s not another pillow.  Read the title folks!  😉

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7 Ways Crafting Can Improve Your Life


Hiya folks!  First, let me say that I’m sorry.  I know this post is coming late this week and, equally bad, it’s not the post I had planned.  It’s my baby’s fault.  Truly it is.

My five month old’s sleeping schedule suddenly became erratic this week and it is nearly impossible for me to work during his waking hours.  If you have an infant at home then I know you understand.  If you don’t, well try to imagine my situation and forgive me anyway. 😬

So, before I knew it, the week was over and it was too late to do all the work necessary to get my originally planned post finished.  After my little man finally fell asleep, well past midnight last night, I laid in bed searching the recesses of my exhausted brain for a new idea.  Yet, all I could think about was how much I missed my crochet hooks, knitting needles, and sewing machine.

I simply adore my son and I wouldn’t give him up for anything, but having an infant, especially a no nap taking night owl infant, means little and often no “me” time.   Heck, sometimes I am lucky if I get to brush my teeth, so when I do get to craft it feels like winning the lottery.

As I mourned my lack of craft time last night, I started to think of all the reasons crafting was so important to me in the first place and viola!  I had this week’s post!

Crafting is important to me because it improves the quality of my life.  A little research has taught me that it also improves the lives of others.  Let me share with you seven ways crafting can improve your life.

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How to Fix Sewing Machine Thread Bunching Up

 What you should check before making a 911 call to your sewing machine mechanic


Thread bunching up when using a sewing machine.

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Does this look familiar?  “Bird nesting” or thread bunching up on the top of or on the underside of your fabric is one of the most common problems during sewing.

Not only is this an extremely frustrating issue, it can also put a major stopper in the creative process!  I know because it happened to me. 😕

First of all, don’t panic!  This situation is normally an easy fix and usually doesn’t need a call to your sewing machine repair man.

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8 Fun & Free St. Patrick’s Day Sewing Projects

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

This is a holiday that is near and dear to my heart,  because my fiancé is half Irish.  His last name, Irby, in fact means “settlement of the Irish”.  So in my household, this is a holiday that never goes without celebrating even if  it’s a year in which we don’t decorate, dress up, or throw a party.  So what do we do to celebrate in those “I’m too busy to get out the decorations or do anything special” years?  At the very least we wear green and make a traditional Irish dinner like Irish Guinness stew and soda bread, but, I have to admit, decorating  is so much more fun!

If you like to decorate, dress up, or throw theme parties then this roundup will definitely give you some great DIY ideas on to how to spread the luck of the Irish throughout your home this St. Patrick’s Day!  And guess what?  They are all FREE!  What could be luckier than that?

All images are the copyright of the Designers specified in the individual pattern links below, unless otherwise noted.  The following five patterns have been added to this roundup with the permission of the pattern designers.

Free & Fun St. Patrick's Day Sewing Projects compiled by

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So Sewing Begins

For you, Alex Darling…

I’ve been an avid crocheter for two years now.  It’s something I do on a regular basis.  Honestly, it’s my stress reliever and I love it.

Can you make costumes? I know you have a sewing machine and I really want to be able to make a Wendy costume from Peter Pan. I’m probably going to comic con.

This is the text message I woke up to several weeks ago that made me put down my crochet hook and dust off the fabulous sewing machine my fiancé bought me.  You know, the one I have hardly touched in the year since it was purchased.  This is not because I don’t absolutely love it, I do, but I am also terribly intimidated by it.   I have no sewing skills whatsoever.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  None. Up until the purchase of the sewing machine I had only sewn a handful buttons and a few minor fabric repairs by hand.  I had never before had more than one needle and one spool of white thread in my house.  Then one day I mentioned to Danny, the fiancé in reference, that I was interested in learning to quilt, but didn’t have a sewing machine.   And voilà, next thing you know I have a Husqvara Viking Diamond Royale sewing machine sitting on my kitchen table.  Yes, Danny is absolutely the most wonderful fiancé ever. 🙂

I cannot tell a lie folks, when I read the text message I started sweating bullets.  What?  Me make a dress?  Up to this point I had used my new fancy sewing machine to make a kitchen apron and a quilt top–in a class–with an instructor.  More on those later.  The point is I have had limited use of the sewing machine and almost no sewing skills.  Was I confident enough to make a dress?  Could I do it without help?  Folks, the answer to these questions is a resounding “No, absolutely not.”

But, I decided to attempt it anyway.  Why, you may ask?  Well, first,  the text came from Alex, one of my soon-to-be step-daughters, who, at the age of 22 is still a Disney Princess at heart. I didn’t want to disappoint her and I felt honored that she had asked me.  Second, I thought it was a great opportunity to face and hopefully conquer my sewing  fears.  And lastly, I may just be mildly insane.  LOL.