How to Get Fray Check Out of Fabric

Don’t Let Dritz Fray Check Stains

Ruin Your Fabric!

How to Remove Drtiz Fray Check from Fabric.


If you are a seasoned sewer then you probably have a lot of experience with or have at least heard of Fray Check.  For beginning sewers or for those who simply don’t know what I am talking about, Fray Check is a liquid seam sealant distributed by Dritz that secures fabric ends and stops fabric from fraying.  It is colorless and is reported to withstand repeated washing and dry cleaning.

I discovered this fantastic product several months ago when my fiancé’s one year anniversary gift almost fell apart… literally.  It has saved my projects more than once since!  BUT…. yes, that’s a huge BUT, it comes with a big caveat.

If you are careless, rushing, the top pops off and it squirts on your fabric, etc…  your project could be in terrible trouble. This is because Fray Check stains.  It adheres to your fabric, which is its job, and despite the fact that it reportedly remains “invisible”, I have found that when it dries it looks like glue… and not the washable kind either.  Once dried it can be impossible to get out, but for some projects all is not lost.  Some Fray Check stains can be removed!  How, you may ask?  The answer is Alcohol and/or Acetone.

Let me share my experiment with you.

Step 1.

I smeared some Dritz Fray Check on a scrap piece of satin fabric and let it dry for 24 hours.

How to Remove Dritz Fray Check from Fabric.

I smeared Fray Check on satin fabric and let dry for 24 hours.


Step 2.

I applied rubbing alcohol to the stain using a cotton ball and let the alcohol dry.

NOTE:  Since I let the sealant dry for 24 hours it took repeating this step multiple times before any results could be seen.

How to Remove Dritz Fray Check Stains from Fabric.

I applied Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol to the Fray Check Stain.

How to Remove Dritz Fray Check from Fabric.

Let the alcohol dry.

Step 3. (if necessary)

Soaking the fabric in alcohol for extended periods of time may be necessary depending on the size of the stain and on how long it has been on the fabric.  I had to do this because I made a large stain (so it could be seen clearly in pictures) and let it dry overnight.

Soak Fray Check Stain in Alcohol to Remove.

Fabric may need to soak in alcohol for extended periods.

Step 4.  (optional)

Use Acetone, i.e., nail polish remover, if the stain still has not come out.

NOTE:  This step may or may not be necessary, again depending on the size of your stain and how long it has been on the fabric.  Alternatively, you can omit this step and continue to use alcohol or vice versa.

Use Acetone to Remove Dritz Fray Check from Fabric.

You may or may not choose to use acetone to help remove the Fray Check stain.


The Fray Check Stain has been removed!

Dritz Fray Check stain removed.

Fray Check stain is gone!

Are you amazed?  Frankly, so am I!  I must caution you, this experiment took me three days, a lot of soaking, and a lot of scrubbing with alcohol/acetone.  This is because the stain was quite large and I let it dry for a long time.  I did this for only for this experiment.  I pray that any Fray Check mishaps you may have are small and you catch them quickly.  The longer it sits and the larger it is, the harder it is to get out.


1.  Be very careful when handling Dritz Fray Check.  You only want to apply it in small amounts and just to the edge of the fabric where it is fraying.

2.  Put something under your fabric, especially if the fabric is thin, to protect the furnishings beneath it.  I like to use a piece of cardboard or construction paper.

3.  If you do get excess Fray Check on your fabric where you do not intend, catch it quickly!  Remove it with alcohol and/or acetone preferably BEFORE the Fray Check dries.

4.  Test the alcohol and/or acetone either on an inconspicuous area or on a scrap of your fabric before using it.  These  products are chemicals that may or may not affect the color and/or integrity of your fabric.

I have only used this Fray Check removal method on blue statin costume fabric.  Although I have not had any issues,  I cannot say if this method will work on all fabrics or how they may affect different fabrics so please use these chemicals with caution and at your own discretion.   If anyone knows of other methods to remove Dritz Fray Check from fabric please share!

In the meantime, I hope this post can help some of you who might be desperate for an answer to save your project from a Fray Check nightmare.

Good luck and happy sewing!


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