Free Pattern: Crochet Seed Stitch Baby Blanket

Crochet Seed Stitch Baby Blanket. FREE Pattern.

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You know, it seems to me that sometimes specific genders tend to run in families.  In my family, it’s boys.  In fact, out of my six siblings, I only have one sister. And out of all our children, there are 13 in total, only two are girls.  So, when my sister announced that she would be having her third child, I was not surprised to learn that it would be a boy.

And this time, I was determined to send him a special handmade gift on time.  I was late with the last one.  I’m notorious for being tardy.  But not this time, no, this time his gift would arrive early.  It would be ready and waiting for his arrival.  Ready to wrap him in comfort and love from his auntie Rae.  My intentions were good, but little Walyon had no patience.  He couldn’t wait to discover all that this beautiful world had to offer.  He made his grand entrance over a month early!

Unfortunately, his lovely seed stitch blanket was only half done.  I finished it as quickly as I could, intending to send it off ASAP, but here it is… on my dresser… unshipped.  And he is now a month old.  Shame. On. Me.

The issue is that I needed to hold onto the baby afghan so that I could write this post.  I had to take pictures of it, do a video of it,  and write down the pattern. I have a terrible habit of writing the pattern after the project is finished–this is a no, no folks.  Don’t follow my lead on this one!  So, you see, my nephew’s warm and cozy zero year birthday present is late because I just had to share with you.  It’s really all your fault folks. 😉

All blaming aside, if you’re looking for a fabulous and super easy gift for that little newbie in your life, this gorgeous crochet seed stitch blanket is perfect!  And I am going to tell you exactly how to make it.

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Crochet Seed Stitch Baby Afghan Pattern


Crochet Seed Stitch Baby Blanket. Free Pattern.


Skill level:  Beginner


Finished dimensions:  30-inch X 30-inch



Hook size:  P-15, 10mm

Yarn Brand:  Bernant Baby Blanket (100% Polyester)

Yarn Weight:  6-Super Bulky

Yarn Color:   Funny Prints

Yarn Amount:  2 skeins, each 300g/10.5oz ~or~ 6 skeins, each 100g/3.5oz

Other:  large plastic tapestry needle



Hook: about $3.00.

Sometimes you can find hooks for super cheap at a thrift store.  I bought P hook for a about $0.10 at a local second hand store, but you can find them on Amazon for about $3.00.

Yarn: about $20-24.

I bought  6 skeins, each 100g/3.5oz  at Michaels for about $22 after tax.

Tapestry needle: about $2.00.

You can get single large plastic tapestry needles through Amazon for about $2.00.  You can also get them in sets, which is how I bought mine.  Sets can really vary in price and quantity.  I have seen sets of 2 for about $4.00 at Michaels to sets of  100 on sale on Amazon for $8.00.

TOTAL:  about $25-29



Bet = Between

Ch/Chs = Chain/Chains

Dc = Double Crochet

FO = Fasten Off

Hk = Hook

Lp/Lps = Loop/Loops

Rep = Repeat

Sc = Single Crochet

Sk = Skip

Sl st = Slip Stitch

Sp/Sps = Space/Spaces

St/Sts = Stitch/Stitches



Ch 51

Row 1:   Sc in 2nd ch from hk, then sc in each ch across. Ch 1.  Turn. (50 sts)

Row 2:  Sc in 1st sc, *ch2, sk next sc, sc in next sc; rep from * across. Ch 1. Turn. (26sc + 24 ch-2 sps=50 sts)

Row 3:  Sc in 1st sc, (sc, dc) in next ch-2 sp, then (sc, dc) in each ch-2 sp across. Sc in last sc.  Ch 1. Turn. (24dc + 26 sc=50 sts, but 24 seed stitches)

Row 4:  Sc in 1st sc, *(sc, dc) in next dc, sk next sc; rep from * across to last sc.  Sc in last sc.  Ch 1. Turn. (24dc + 26 sc=50 sts, but 24 seed stitches)

Row 5:  Sc in 1st sc, *ch 2, sk next dc, sc in next sc; rep from * across to last 3 sts, ch 2, sk next 2 sts, sc in last sc. Ch 1. Turn. (26 sc, 24 ch2 sps)

Rows 6-49:  Rep rows 3-5.

Row 50:  Ch 1, sc in 1st sc , sc in the first ch-2 sp, sc in the next sc, *1 sc in next ch-2 sp, sc in next sc; rep from * across.  Ch 1. Turn.


Step 1:  3 sc into corner st, then sc 48 times down the side of the blanket until you reach the next corner.

Step 2:  2 sc in the next corner st, then sc in each sc across edge of blanket to the next corner (this should be the bottom edge where you started the foundation chain).

Step 3:  3 sc into next corner st, then sc 48 times down the size of the blanket until you reach the next corner.

Step 4:  2 sc in the next corner st, then sc in each sc across edge of blanket to the next corner (this should be the top edge, which should be row 50). Sl st into corner.

Step 5:  FO and weave in ends.

Crochet Seed Stitch Baby Blanket.

The finished product laid out.

This is an original pattern designed by me.  Any similarity to other patterns is completely unintentional and coincidental.  You may sell items made using this pattern as long as you give me credit for the pattern.  Please to do not sell this pattern or claim it to be your own.  Thank you.


A PDF version of this pattern can be found in the shop.  You can also find at least one of these blankets in the shop currently with more to be added soon.


This crochet seed stitch baby afghan is ideal for beginners because it requires only basic crochet skills,  however, I think experienced crocheters will also enjoy making this warm and cozy blanket for the little darlings in their lives who need some extra comfort & softness.

If you want a better understanding of the seed stitch,  see How to Crochet the Seed Stitch for review.   If you need help with the working a single crochet, see How to Single Crochet.  For a tutorial on the double crochet stitch, see  How to Double Crochet.


Please share this pattern so that others can enjoy making & gifting this snuggly afghan to the babies they love!


Until next… Happy Crocheting!

2 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Crochet Seed Stitch Baby Blanket

    • Hi,

      My understanding is that the crochet seed stitch is made by working alternating sc and dc stitches, which is what this pattern is based on. However, like most other patterns, I have made some variations by adding chain 2 spaces, etc… Perhaps, this is why the pattern looks a little atypical to you. However, I did this because I did not want to make a blanket that was simply a large swatch of alternating sc & dc stitches Instead, I made a unique pattern based on the crochet seed stitch. Have a great day & thanks for stopping by!

      P.S. There are multiple ways to do a crochet seed stitch. I have provided links to those ways in my How to Crochet the Seed Stitch tutorial. Perhaps you are used to seeing the seed stitch by one of those ways.

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