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Twiddle muff image courtesy of Sari Suvanto


Hi folks! This month’s craft for a cause feature is crochet and knit twiddlemuffs (also spelled twiddle muffs). Let me guess, you’re thinking, “what the heck are twiddlemuffs”? I know this because I can read your mind. Kidding. Kidding folks. Stop panicking. 😉

For real though, I know what you’re thinking because I thought it too. Twiddlemuffs, huh?  What exactly are these and how are they related to a charity cause?

Crochet Twiddlemuff

Image courtesy of Shirley MacDonald

Well, let me fill you in folks. Twiddlemuffs are sensory comfort aids for people of all ages who suffer from sensory-related conditions, such as dementia, autism, and even arthritis.

Twiddlemuffs are basically crochet or knit hand muffs with multiple sensory stimulating attachments like bows, buttons, beads, and ribbons.

People with sensory conditions and impaired memory often have restless hands. They need to twiddle, fiddle, and feel different textures. Keeping their hands occupied tends to have a calming effect. For this reason I have even heard that these muffs are soothing for people with anxiety and ADHD.

So how can you help? First, crochet or knit some twiddlemuffs.

Here are links to free twiddlemuff crochet patterns:

Twiddlemuff pattern by Shirley MacDonald
Twiddle muff by Sari Suvanto
Twiddle muff by Sari Suvanto (2nd pattern)


Twiddlemuff patterns by Sari Suvanto are in Finnish, but she can be contacted at Ravelry via the links I provided and has expressed her willingness to help anyone who contacts her. Additionally, per Sari, there is a Facebook group called Twiddle muffs Finland that would love to have new international members join and share their ideas. If you are interested, simply click on Twiddle muffs Finland.


Here are links to free twiddlemuff knitting patterns:
Warrington and Halton Hospitals
Royal Devon and Exeter


The second step is to donate them! Don’t know where to send them? Try these places.

1. Hospitals.
2. Dementia/Alzheimer care facilities.
3. Assisted living or retirement centers.
4. Local schools. Many schools have students with developmental issues or can direct you to schools for children in need of your donation.
5. Contact the people or hospitals via the pattern links for where to donate.


Twiddle muff

Image courtesy of Sari Suvanto


Twiddlemuffs are a great scrap buster project. If you are anything like me then you have balls and balls of yarn remnants stuffed in almost every crevice of your house. Put all that scrap yarn to use!

I wish I had known about twiddlemuffs a long time ago. Not only would my house be less cluttered with yarn, but for me, making twiddlemuffs would be a nice neighborly deed. You see, my home is surrounded by a dementia care center and I am sure some of the patrons would love these comforting gifts.

On a more personal note, I also have a special family member with autism and I’ve seen his restlessness first hand. I will make a special effort to whip up a few of these comforting muffs just for him!

Where will you give your twiddlemuffs?

Until next time…  Happy Crocheting & Knitting!

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10 thoughts on “Craft for a Cause: Twiddlemuffs for Sensory Disorders

  1. So excited to find this post because I’m planning a round-up of things people can make to donate as part of a campaign I’m launching in September. I will be including your link and idea as one of them!

    If you have any other posts like this, please feel free to get in touch so I can promote those as well.


  2. How wonderful! I admit, I had no idea what twiddlemuffs were either, but I love the idea. Wish I could knit or crochet so I could help!

  3. what a fab idea! We crochet and sew items for Newborns in Need each month and hats for some other charities but it does get repetitive. This will be something new to make and benefit someone in need. Thanks so much for sharing the twiddlemuffs with us all!

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