Free Quick and Easy Small Dog Crochet Sweater

Warmth for Jake and Jack!

Free Easy Small Dog Crochet Sweater


About six years ago my parents decided to move out to the wilds of Idaho.  And I do mean “wilds” folks.  They traded in the hustle and bustle of the city to live a quiet simple country life.  They chose to settle down in a remote region of northeastern Idaho in 400 sq foot cabin with no running water and no electricity.  They raise goats, chickens, and ducks on their 15-acres of country bliss.  Not to mention mom’s fabulous garden in which she grows the biggest and best crops I have ever seen or tasted!  I like to call it “the farm”.  But it is really more of a homestead and I love it out there.

I made my first visit about three years ago near the end of the summer.  It was warm, beautiful, quiet, and much too brief.  I returned the following year to stay for the summer and brought my two precious little Yorkshire Terriers with me.  Jack and Jake, my Yorkie babies, had as much fun as I did.  Maybe more!  They spent their days chasing squirrels, chickens, and deer.  I  spent lazy mornings walking the property with the boys, enjoying mom’s cooking on the outside grill, and evenings listening to the wolves howl.  True story.

But as the summer nears to a close, Idaho weather can get chilly, as Jack, Jake, and I discovered.  I, fortunately, came armed with coats.  My boys, however, did not.  Now there is a lot of controversy over “dressing up” animals and I must admit that before I got Yorkies I was dead set against it.  For heavens sake, clothes are for people!  You may think that now, but wait until you watch your little ones shake & shiver in the nippy breeze and you’ll change your mind pretty quick.  Just FYI folks, Yorkies have hair not fur.  It does not keep them warm.  As a responsible pet parent I felt it was my duty to crochet them some warm winter sweaters.  🙂

I made simplified versions of a free sweater pattern I found on  Here’s what I did.


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Quick and Easy Crochet Small Dog Sweater


Crochet Hook:  size  “J“– 10(6mm)

Yarn: Lion Brand Amazing Strawberry Fields (53-Percent Wool, 47-Percent Acrylic)

4 Medium: Worsted-weight, Afghan, Aran Yarn; 1-3/4-Ounce (50 g), 147 yd (135 m)


Stitch (St)

Chain (Ch)

Double crochet (DC)

Single crochet (SC)

Back Part of Dog SweaterClose-up of crochet dog coat. www.itchinforsomestitchin.comClose-up back of crochet dog sweater.

Begin on the back part of sweater, starting at the neckline: Chain 31

1 .  DC in 2nd ch from hook and then across (30 st)

2. Ch 2 turn, repeat row 1 twice

3.  Fold collar in half, SC through both halves across

4.   Ch 2, DC across

5 –18.  Repeat row 4

19 – 20.   Decrease 1 st on each end of these rows,  DC across

21.   Decrease 1 st in center,  DC across

End off.

Chest Part of dog sweaterChest part of dog sweater.

Start at belly end and crochet towards neck, Ch 16

1.  1 DC in each ch across

2 – 5.  ch 2,  DC across

6 – 13.   Decrease 2 st spaced evenly in each row

14.  There should be only 1 stitch. End off.

Use SC to stitch up the neck and stitch in the chest piece.  You should leave about a 2-inch hole on each side for legs. I used my dogs as models to figure out where to make the holes, but in general, they were about 5-6 inches from the neckline.

NOTE:  Sweaters are machine washable, but do not exceed 400C water temperature


Don’t my boys just look dashing in their handsome sweaters?  Yes, I think so too!  We go back to Idaho every year, sometimes more than once a year.  Usually in the spring and summer when the grass is green and the flowers are in bloom, but every once in a while we make a cool autumn or snowy winter trip. And I never forget to bring the boys coats to keep them nice and toasty!

I hope you enjoy this easy pattern as much as I did and your little ones love their coats too!

Best wishes & happy crocheting!

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8 thoughts on “Free Quick and Easy Small Dog Crochet Sweater

  1. My giant, slobbering mutt destroys anything I make him. I wish I had a cute little guy to crochet for. Your adorable boys look like they enjoy their sweaters!

    -Jenny from

    • Thanks Jenny! My boys actually do love them. You can tell that they get nervous when I take their sweaters off. They follow the sweaters as I put them way & look at me in a way that says “that’s mine”. Lol. Perhaps you could crochet your big dog some toys rather than a sweater!

      • Aww! That’s so cute!

        As for mine, there’s a chance he would destroy a toy, too. But at least a toy would be a smaller, less time consuming project to try out on him 🙂

        • If it’s a toy, my boys will kill it! Lol. But, as you said it may just be less time consuming. Plus I wonder if it would be cheaper than buying toys? You just got my brain tinkering & ideas for new blog posts! Thanks!

    • Hi Lee,

      I am so sorry! Thank you for the great catch! That should be repeat row 4 not 8. I did just change it in the post. Thanks so much for stopping by and let me know if you have any other questions.

      Best wishes,


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