How to Make a Slip-Knot

Making a Slip-Knot:

The First Step in Crochet & Knitting


Hi folks!  If you’ve been following along,  you know that my fabric arts journey began with learning to knit as part of the Prayer Shawl Ministry, but I have yet to tell you how I actually learned to knit.  Well, ultimately, I taught myself.  Betty Jo, the lady with all the true knitting “know how” went on vacation for the summer and, as it turns, everyone else in the group were newbies too.  So no one really knew what they were doing and I didn’t want to wait four months to start.  I was too dim-witted to think of the internet as a resource.  Hahahaha….   Instead, I pulled out my 1979 copy of Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework, gifted to me by Marianne, who had apparently decided to give up knitting and very kindly passed on some of her materials to me.  Anyway,  I opened the book and skipped straight to the knitting section where I found myself completely overwhelmed by the five illustrated methods for casting on.

As I studied these techniques, I realized that I had to back up.  Casting on was not the first step in knitting.  Before I could learn to these methods, I had to learn the essential first step.  How to make a slip-knot. A slip-knot is a knot tied so that it can slip along the rope which it is made and can easily be undone or “slipped” by pulling on the free end.  Of course, there are several ways to do this.  Let me show you mine.



I learned this technique quickly and I am sure you have too!  So let’s move to the second step in knitting, casting on.  Check out Knitting 101: Lesson 2–Casting on to learn some of the most common ways to cast on and start your knitting project.


Until next time…  Happy Knitting!

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